• Any damage is done to the shipping container during the GOH equipment assembly?
  • On an average how long does it take to install GOH equipments into a container?
  • Are there any required infrastructure in the place where the installation is done?
  • My textile products could be affected in the container by external factors like moisture, bad odors or dust?
  • How long in advance I should place my order for a GOH Container Installation?
  • In which cities EBBI offers GOH Container services?
  • How do I know how many pieces of my textile products could fit into a specific container?
  • What type of containers are used for GOH shipments?
  • What would be my benefit if I ship my textile products in a GOH Container?
  • Is there any need for ironing in the destination once the textile products arrive?
  • How much is the recommended load capacity to each string hanged on the bars?
  • On an average how many kgs of load could a bar in the GOH System carry?
  • How long would it take to load a full 40 ft GOH container with textile products?
No! During the the assembly and dismantlement of the GOH equipments which are developed by EBBI, there is no welding, punching or screwing operations to damage any part of the container.
It takes 75 to 105 minutes to complete an installation operation.
The lighting should be sufficient for us to work conveniently in the containers during the installation. If the installation is done in the night time or in where the environment is dark, a single-phase electric outlet is required. Additionally, a loading ramp to which the truck is pulled alongside would shorten the installation duration.
Absolutely, no! EBBI, in every installation uses its own manufactured inner liner bags which cover all the surfaces of the container so the products are not exposed to moisture, water or any bad odors. In addition to the liner bag, container desiccants are placed to make sure the products are transported in a dry container.
As EBBI, we advise you to place your order at least 48 hours before the installation. In some urgent cases, we also offer our express service with additional charges up to 12 hours in advance to the installation.
Currently only in Istanbul and İzmir.
Our "GOH Container Calculating Tool" gives you a close estimation. Use it to find out approximately how many pieces you can load in different containers.
GOH equipments can be installed in 20ft DC, 40ft DC, 40ft HC and 45ft HC containers. String, Strap, Double Tier Pipe Bar, Triple Tier Pipe Bar Options are available.
In comparison with land freight in trucks, GOH Container shipment costs are 100% lower. No hassle in finding the available trailer for your textile containers. You just order your container and we install your GOH system. You can also load 20% more products with our GOH systems compared to the other ways of freight.
If the loading capacity is arranged as per EBBI's recommendations, there would be no need for ironing once the products arrive at the warehouse. You would bare with some risks if you want to load the container more than the recommended.
The breaking load of each string we hang is 400 kgs. However, we offer a maximum of 60 kg load for each string.
We recommend a maximum of 500 kgs of load for each bar.
Although the duration varies depending on the headcount, physical condition of loading location and the product to be loaded, we recommend you to allocate 3 employees and spare 4 hours for the loading operation of a full 40 ft GOH container.
  • How much is the load capacity of a Honeycomb Cardboard Paper Pallet?
  • Are Honeycomb Paper Pallets good for frequent and/or outdoor use?
  • Why should I use Honeycomb Paper Pallet?
  • Does HPP require heat-treatment or fumigation?
  • Why HPP is an environmentalist product?
  • Are HPPs made of the same material as corrugated cardboard boxes?
The load capacity of a Honeycomb Cardboard Paper Pallet may vary depending on its size, the selection of different types of legs and the pallet’s upper layer thickness. We recommend you not to load more than 750 kgs on the honeycomb pallets that we offer in Euro Pallet (80*120*12 cm) sizes.
Honeycomb Paper Pallets are manufactured for single-use and indoor storage.
The most distinctive advantage of HPP is its comparatively lower weight to conventional pallets. Approximate Weight Ratio: 1/3
HPP is not subject to ISPM-15 standards so it does not require heat-treatment or fumigation. It is a convenient and a hassle-free solution to be used in food exports.
It is made from 100% recycled and environmental-friendly packaging paper. It goes back to recycling after usage.
Yes. Although the material is the same, the manufacturing technologies differ from each other. Plates made of semi-finished products called “Honeycomb Panels” are used to manufacture these pallets. This panel technology was invented and used to reconstruct the ruined buildings during WW2. Nowadays, the technology is successfully utilized in different industries.